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8:30a.m - 5:00p.m
Business Hours
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Manufacturing capabilities

As an innovative leader in the store fixture industry, Madix is a modern manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities. The company manufactures metal, wire, wood and specialty products and displays, and upholds a reputation of creating quality products and providing excellent customer service. Madix operates some of the best tool and die facilities in the country, designing and building all of its own tooling and roll formers. Laser centers and robotic centers maximize cleanliness and efficiency in the production flow. CNC controlled auto welders and conveying systems allow for quick and consistent product progress throughout the plants. Madix also utilizes multiple unique powder coating systems within its manufacturing facilities. A Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturer, Madix increases productivity by maximizing resources and maintaining smaller amounts of inventory, but can quickly respond to a customer's requests for product.

A lean manufacturer, Madix strives to eliminate wastes in all areas of the company, extending these principles beyond the plant floor to the administrative offices. Madix is constantly striving to reduce lead times, improve quality, reduce waste and increase productivity. Two main pillars outline Madix's initiatives – Respect for the People and Continuous Improvement. Madix believes that all employees have ideas, suggestions and creative abilities that may be beneficial to the company. Madix empowers employees to express these ideas through open communication with management. Madix encourages the personal and professional growth of its employees. Constant analysis of processes through Kaizen events allows Madix to continuously improve and grow.