Wall Standards, Outriggers & Accessories

Slotted Wall Standards, Outriggers & Accessories

Wall standards are an economical and flexible retail fixture solution, available in an array of sizes and configurations to suit your individual space. Single or double slotted uprights can be mounted to a wall and used with a variety of complementary fixtures such as glass or wood shelf brackets, round and rectangular hang rail bars, and many other accessories like waterfalls, faceouts, hooks and u-bars.

This versatile merchandising system allows for complete flexibility and style in a variety of retail applications. Pipe and powerbar hang rails systems are ideal for displaying garments in a retail store, or even for use in your home closet! Wood and glass shelves are an excellent display solution for many other types of product, including bags, shoes, and gift items, or can be used in your home as a way to display trophies, books or collectibles.

Acme’s slotted standards are available in a chrome finish, range in size from 48” to 96”, and can feature ½” medium duty or 1” heavy duty slots, depending on the types of accessories you will be using.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to display clothing products within your retail store, create dimension within your displays and make the most out of your valuable wall space, outrigger systems are the perfect solution. These types of wall displays are excellent for merchandising your apparel such as bridal gowns, providing highly important durability and longevity.

Outriggers are sturdy posts that can be adapted with hangrail pipe or bars for hanging, as well as shelves and brackets for display. Acme’s outrigger systems are available in both round and square tubing styles that can be attached to your walls, and stick out from the wall itself to create additional space for products. Outriggers allow you to merchandise items away from the wall, creating distance and allowing additional space to be created for longer items. Outrigger posts are slotted to fit additional accessories or hardware, so you can customize your outrigger systems to meet your specific needs.

For the widest selection of slotted wall standards, outriggers and accessories in Canada, browse our collection below. Need help choosing the right store fixtures for your space? Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures is available to help you design the ideal display or storage solution for your needs. Simply call us at 1-800-611-2263 with your questions!