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Green Manufacturing

For Our Environment:
Madix recycles 100% of the waste accrued from our steel manufacturing operations, selling the offal to steel mini-mills/smelters and reclaiming the scrap-metal cost.

Wood-manufacturing waste is also recycled back to co-generation plant facilities.

Any recyclable liquid waste is blended into fuel for electricity generation. (All hydraulic and 85-140 differential oils are sold to an end user as usable/recyclable products.)

All cardboard waste is being recycled at various corrugated recycling plants across the country.

The non-hazardous water contaminants from our paint line's degreasing wash systems are sent to our waste-water pretreatment facility (located on premises). After all contaminants are removed, the water is forwarded to a publicly owned treatment plant, and the filtered (non-hazardous) waste is pushed through a filter press, and the residue is sent to a landfill.

We have also implemented a cold-water rinse cycle into our paint line system, which is a more energy-efficient method than the traditional hot-water rinse. Furthermore, by converting liquid paint lines to powder-coating systems, we have greatly reduced the amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions into the atmosphere.

Our manufacturing facilities incorporate skylights and opaque, natural-light wall panels to reduce the demand for fluorescent lighting during daytime operation.

There is a strict "No Idle" policy in place that prevents company (and vendor-owned) vehicles from idling for more than three minutes while on Madix premises. We enforce this policy to both conserve energy and moderate air pollution.

As a Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturer, Madix reduces packaging waste by packaging products more efficiently.

For Our Customers:
All metal shelving is 100% recyclable

Madix offers products that can contribute to receiving LEED credits

Environmentally safe products available