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Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures is here to assist you in buying store fixtures to effectively display and organize your merchandise. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have about how to buy store fixtures, or how to select the ideal retail display system for your space. Below is a list of the most common questions we hear from our customers in relation to store fixtures and retail supplies:

  • Madix is one of the largest manufacturers of store fixtures in the world. It is known for innovative solutions that are customized to client's needs, as well as creative and unique ideas that influence trends in the industry. Madix offers a wide assortment of cataloged products, but also prides itself in being open to custom product development and assisting customers with their individual needs. Madix embraces the implementation of new ideas and the integration of new technology into its products, making Madix the leader in innovation.

  • Madix has an extensive engineering staff with a "can-do" attitude. Both design and manufacturing personnel are experts in production of stamped and formed sheet metal and wire products. We operate several full-scale tool and die facilities that can quickly take a design to volume production. We also have multiple laser centers for rapid prototyping and lower volume production requirements. Madix utilizes SAP management tools to promote collaboration amongst design engineers, industrial engineers, product management, and the sales team.

  • Madix strives to truly understand a customer's struggles and challenges, and takes pride in finding innovative solutions that solve the customer's individual needs. At Madix, we understand that to solve the problem, you have to understand it. We listen to our customers and respond to the challenges they describe. We work to understand their business purpose and collaborate to develop an action plan to achieve their goals. As a result, Madix maintains loyal, long-term customers and seeks ways for both companies to succeed. Madix is also constantly looking to expand relationships and create new partnerships among companies.

  • Madix has over 50 years of experience in solving retailers' merchandising and design challenges. Madix utilizes sales representatives throughout the world to accommodate the retailers' needs. Madix has also developed thousands of products and built millions of parts to satisfy those customers' needs. Through all of this, Madix upholds its reputation of providing excellent customer service. Especially with new customers, Madix seeks to understand their business and challenges, before suggesting solutions. We appreciate that each company has its own set of obstacles and frustrations, and as a result offer individual solutions at each opportunity.

  • When bringing in a new team member, Madix seeks out creative and well-educated personnel that show enthusiasm in their work. Madix encourages its employees to take pride in their work, and constantly looks for ways to aid their personal and professional development. Madix also encourages its employees to follow LEAN initiatives, which improve efficiency and product quality.