Glass Showcases & Store Display Cases

Glass Showcases & Store Display Cases

Design the ideal product displays for your retail space with Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures’ selection of display showcases. Our store display cases are the perfect choice for businesses looking for an effective way to showcase their products, while keeping items tidy and organized.

Depending on the unique needs and interior design choices of your retail space, one or more of our retail showcases may be the best fit for you.  Acme’s showcases come in a wide range of shapes and dimensions so you can find the fixtures that work with your available space and existing displays.

Our range of display showcases offer a variety of features to meet your needs. Your store display case solution can include options such as:

  • >48” to 72” lengths
  • >Full vision, half vision and 1/3 vision
  • >LED lighting
  • >Locks and sliding doors
  • >Aluminum or wooden Framing
  • >White, black, or maple finishes
  • >Hexagonal and triangular display cases to construct corners

These store display cases make the perfect presentation case for any number of valuable items that you may have for sale or on display.
This includes products such as:

  • >Jewelry
  • >Antiques
  • >Sports or corporate memorabilia
  • >Artifacts and fossils
  • >Crystals and precious stones
  • >Figurines
  • >And much more!

If you want to keep your goods displayed beautifully, our glass showcases are the retail shelving option you need. To learn more about these cases or to get a quote for your next order, contact us or shop online today!