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Plastic Hanging Mannequin Forms

When you want to make the most of out of a small retail space, plastic hanging mannequins are the perfect alternative to traditional standing mannequins. Hanging mannequins allow you to showcase your products without taking up the important floor space your customers need to comfortably browse your inventory. Instead of simply displaying items on risers or hanging from wall hooks, plastic hanging mannequin forms give shape and body to your clothing or accessories.

Easy to dress, change and hang around your space, these forms are an incredibly effective merchandising technique. Choose from a variety of different hanging mannequins, including hanging bust forms, torso forms, hip forms, child-sized forms and more.

Interested in saving space and merchandising your products in an appealing way? Learn more about plastic hanging mannequin forms for your business today with our team of professionals at Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures. For more information contact us today at 1-800-611-2263 or fill out an online request form today!