Mannequins & Forms

Mannequins & Forms

Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures offers a number of forms and mannequins for sale in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your clothing display and promotional needs. Whether you choose a standing, seated, headless or a full-featured mannequin, you’re sure to catch the eye of your customers and display your latest clothing looks effectively. Mannequins and forms are ideal for dressing your store windows, or to create unique store displays that make your clothing stand out from the crowd.

Our easy to dress retail mannequin collection features male, female and child-sized mannequins of various physiques, colours and poses. For a modern look, you may opt for matte or glossy black and white mannequins. Made with lightweight and highly durable fiberglass with a decorative glass or metal base, our store mannequins are affordable and long-lasting, perfect for any retail clothing store.

Acme’s mannequin forms include torso and bust forms as well as hip forms, which are ideal for displaying your featured tops, pants, skirts or dresses. Our solid plastic hanging forms can be used with hooks to display product on slatwall, gridwall or pegboard systems with ease. We also offer male and female Styrofoam heads and wigs to effectively showcase hairpieces, hats and more!

Browse our range of retail mannequins and forms below, or get in touch with an Acme representative today for assistance in selecting your ideal store mannequins. Call us at 1-800-611-2263 for more information.

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