Mannequins Heads & Wigs

Foam Heads & Mannequin Wigs

Looking for a better way to display jewelry, show off the latest hats, or simply dress up your mannequins? Styrofoam heads and wigs for mannequins are a great way to add an extra touch of realism to your merchandising displays. These products are also great for use in salons, spas and beauty parlors to show your customers the great services you can provide for them. Foam heads and prop wigs are an indispensable tool for catching the eye of potential business and highlighting the great products you have.

Our wigs for mannequins come in a variety of different hair colours, lengths and textures. Whether you choose blonde hair or brunette, long or short, these prop wigs allow you to style your mannequins the way you prefer. Have a distinct vision in mind for your merchandising displays? Use the same wig on every figure for a consistent style.

Our Styrofoam heads give you a unique way to display your products or examples of services. Take advantage of the blank slate of a foam head to show off accessories like sunglasses or hats.

If you’re looking for a way to make your mannequins more realistic, or want a creative way to display items in your store, Styrofoam heads and prop wigs are an excellent retail display solution. For more information on these products, reach out to a member of team at 1-800-611-2263 or online at your earliest convenience.