• Used End Cap Display
  • Used End Cap Display

Used End Cap Display

  • $200.00
Product Description:
Lozier End, Madix End, & Century End Shelving Gondola Units
>End Gondola Units Are Priced With A Base + 3 Shelfs Included
>3' Wide & Height from 54" to 84" (Custom Heights Available With Extension)
>Width (Back to Front) 20" Measured To The Wall (Custom Widths Available)
>Lengths are 36"
>Shelf Sizes 16" x 36" (Other Sizes Available By Request) 
>Baked On Paint Finish Or As Is Cleaned (As Is May Have Different Colour Variations)
>Stock Colour For Baked On Finish Is White
>Special Order of Custom Colours By Request
>Kickplates are Standard Black Colour
>End Unit Includes: 2 Posts, 1 Kickplate, 1 Bridge, 1 Brace, 1 Top Cap, 2 Pegboard and 1 Base
>Covers, Mounting Hardware and Trim Sold With End Unit 
>Please Contact One of Our Sales Staff to Receive a Custom Quote If You Require Different Sizes Or Assistance - 1 800-611-2263
**To Add How Many Units You Want; Select Your Height & Paint Finish, Select ADD TO CART & Enter The Number Of Units Required.**