Aisle Shelving

Aisle Shelves & Gondola Shelving 

If your business requires shelving that increases retail floor space, keeps products visible and easily accessible by customers, Acme Shelving & Store Fixtures’ aisle shelving is the ideal choice. These retail solutions are used in a number of retail environments because of their simple and effective design, including hardware and paint stores, dollar stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, health and beauty stores, and much more.

Gondola shelves are built using a dual-sided design that allows for product display on both sides of the unit. Aisle shelves are built of sturdy, slotted metal posts in which brackets of shelves are placed into for product display. For shelving units where shelves are not used, pegboard is utilized as a backing for hooks to be attached into. Additional finishing pieces including kickplates, post trim and shoe covers are used for completing the unit, and covering internal components. Stock colours for aisle units include white, grey, beige and antique white.

Gondola shelves are an excellent way to display bulk quantities of product on display on a single shelf while still making the most of limited floor space. Build rows of aisle shelves by connecting multiple sections together, or use single freestanding sections to create a space that’s easy to navigate!

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